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Papadatos Partnership LLP design philosophy is based on providing continuous innovation and design tailored to the unique needs of our individual clients including embracing “green design”.

Planning the individual phases of each project and understanding the client’s intent is the first step towards managing a successful practice and serving the client. It all begins by listening to the Client’s needs, and understanding their needs and what is expected as a result.

Scheduling the various phases is the management function of the firm’s Managing Partner, and project managers. Together they are responsible for the implementation of scheduling and monitoring the operations relating to each individual project.

When the objectives are defined, it is time to schedule the length of each phase to comply with the client’s requirements. One of the aspects of scheduling within our office consists of developing timetables to keep our firm coordinated with our consultants to aim at completing the project on a timely basis in a creative manner, within budget constraints, and to the expectations of the client.

The secret however is really one thing, listening and really understanding the program.